Self-serve Portal Basics – Value and Benefits

Self-Serve Portal Basics – Value and Benefits

AdPerfect is a Canadian-based software company that has been servicing the publishing technology industry since 2004. Our expertise stems from our deep understanding of the print and digital publishing demands and developing modern, intuitive self-service platforms. Our solutions that offer an enhanced self-serve portal include Classifieds, Obituaries, Celebrations and Employment.

The rise of the digital and mobile access to content and services, has pushed businesses to take their place in the digital world. Self-serve portals are not only designed for newspapers to maximize their resources, but also to build a stronger brand in the online sphere. Self-service allows publishers to showcase their shift in focus from the revenue first to the customer service first direction. As the advertiser is becoming more educated on using digital publishing services, newspapers can level up their offerings by making ad submission easier.

AdPerfect self-service portals have allowed publishers to increase their overall classifieds self-serve revenue by 35% and a 28% increase in their total transactions. Not only that, the number of first time users have increased 29%. This breaks the myth that advertisers are not ready nor willing to use online self-service portals. Some standard features that help produce success include a passive login process, real-time cost and print ad preview, easy online and print scheduling, and easy to select upsell options, configured specifically from individual newspaper specifications.

Emails are a precious commodity in the online world. Advertisers are more protective to how direct an access they provide to their inbox and daily life. By not asking for an email to create an account, it removes the stress for a new advertiser to explore what you offer and see the value in providing their contact details to track their account.

Print and online upsells allow advertisers to customize their ads, yet still be within the newspaper requirements so the ad will be easily processed and approved. As the upsells are being selected and applied, the ad preview and cost details update in real time, so the advertiser has confidence in their placement. Once the upsells are approved, the advertiser can also download a proof sample for their records.

The continuous platform updates on the design and self-service process, provide fast and measurable opportunities for publishers. Just by updating our print and online scheduling preview, we have provided 46% more web ad day upsells and about 21% more print ad day upsells within the last period alone. We track our usability effectiveness with heat maps and thanks to our user interface experts, enhance any area that does not meet our standards.

AdPerfect self-serve platforms offer a better way to engage advertisers and offer them value. By removing the long forms and sign up requirements, the user is allowed to complete the process they mainly want to accomplish. Newspapers can finally take advantage of a technology solution that puts their brand and advertisers first.

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