Discover 3 ways to increase digital revenue with AdPerfect Obituaries

Discover 3 Ways to Increase Digital Revenue with AdPerfect Obituaries

AdPerfect is a Canadian-based software company who creates comprehensive advertising solutions for the publishing industry around the world. The three main products offered are Classifieds, Obituaries, and Celebrations platforms. These mobile-friendly solutions have been implemented by Miami Herald, Seattle Times, New York Daily News and approximately 1,000 other newspaper titles. With the direct-to-print features and self-serve order entry, AdPerfect is proving to be the option that newspapers can rely on to promote their brand and provide a high quality digital platform for customers.

The clean, white label platform has an excellent user interface and the homepage contains areas to produce revenue. There are a number of strategic ad tag placements on the homepage that newspapers control and sell using their ad ops teams. They keep 100% of the ad tag revenue generated from these positions, which is a boost for digital revenue. AdPerfect offers these high-potential positions for newspapers to have full control over their ads and to maximize their CPM.

The obituary platform allows customers and communities to interact, engage, and share online in the story of a person’s life. As part of this, users can send flowers directly from the platform to the deceased’s family or have them delivered to the funeral service. This flower service is fast and easy to use providing assistance to family members, friends, and acquaintances who want to send their condolences.

Self-serve order placement reduces burden on call centers and provides a number of opportunities for upsells. Once a customer begins to create an obituary, they are given ways to add more value to the story such as adding a photo or emblem. This allows the user to include more detail about the deceased’s life and make the design more pleasing to the eye. While these updates are being processed, the customer is being shown real-time pricing throughout the experience. One of the digital upsells is extending the guestbook sharing and commenting options for 1 or 5 years.

AdPerfect’s obituary platform is an excellent way for newspapers to improve their user experience, better utilize call center resources but most importantly – drive digital revenue. The aesthetically pleasing platform makes the user feel confident when creating their story. Keeping 100% of ad tag revenue, commission sharing on flower sales, print and online upsells all contribute to newspapers being able to grow digital revenue, while maintaining their brand.

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